maanantai 24. huhtikuuta 2017

Summa summarum

So the digital business course has come to its end. It has been a joyful ride, with valuable learnings. I have to say, it has been the best course so far in the time I have been in Laurea. The course had a very wide angle to marketing and digital business and we covered almost all of necessary to know for this state of our careers. A subject that really took it place in my memory was inbound marketing, a term, that I was not so familiar with earlier. The spark came from ECommerce fair when I listen to a keynote and took 5 pages of notes.

In summary, My course has looked this;

The first week, I was struggling to get back to writing a blog. The course seemed very interesting and I had high hopes for it. My hopes were archived and I in a matter of fact learned lots of new things. The second week, I wrote two blogs. First I raged about the fact that it is not acceptable to make students do jobs for free that should be reserved for professionals. That was and still isn't the purpose of an internship. That week I also wrote a blog about a video making and shared some tips I learned the hard way. The third week of blogging writing was the highlight of this blogging spring since it was selected to be the blog of the week. That blog was about visuality and what makes a good website, visually. A week after that, I wrote about copywrites and why they are important. I recommend reading that if you wonder where you can take pictures from. Rest of the February's blogs were not very special since I was absent one week.  In the sixth week, we had an inspirational speech from Ronja Salmi, and I got really good writing tips.

In March we had the law week, which I was a bit disappointed with, The Ecommerce Fair and the super long post I wrote about it. The eight-week was very interesting also, circling around a subject of influencer marketing. The week after that was also interesting, we had a lecture about SEO and google analytics, all things useful for all marketers. I have also written about visuality, and how I gave my first lecture. In April, I started working full time, so I was absent for the rest of the course, unfortunately. But to compensate that I have already learned a lot while working. I wrote punch of compensatory posts, you can find them under here.

I have had a lot of fun on this course, and wish that there was more courses like this in Laurea. Maybe in future school system evolves into something more useful. :)

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