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Things we should have had ages ago

Last week was short for me since I took part in only two lectures on Monday. The first lecture that we had was from Laurea alumni who works currently in digital marketing. She went over the first parts of inbound marketing; how to attract the customer to your website. The lecture was very informative and included lots of different things. It was also bit long and hard to follow due to the amount of the information. Anyways, I enjoyed the lecture a lot, but think that this should have been more in the starting end of the course to be most efficient and useful in our projects.

The first part of inbound marketing act is setting up an SEO for your site. She explained to us how SEO works; google searches throughout the websites and which one response fastest is displayed highest. By response, It means how much there are keywords, how many other places has to link to that page. That difference is called offsite and onsite SEO. Onsite counts all the meta descriptions and headings etc. and offsite tracks how many other sites refer to that site.

She also showed us the difference between paid and organic traffic, where the SEO falls into the organic traffic and all the adds are the paid ones. (duh) All the links, shares, and SEO etc. anything that you do to make it easier to people to find your page is organic traffic. The easiest way to do is to share your blog in your social medias like facebook, Instagram, and twitter, have the link in your bio, so when people visit your profile they find the link to your blog. Also sharing your posts makes people come over to your page. There are over 100 million people who have a chance to visit your page, so start sharing it.

And when you get a visitor, make sure that they enjoy your page, that it looks nice and that you post quality content. Because If you have been successful to attract your customers to this point, you don’t want to lose it by a crappy website when you just got them to go there. This is the first part of the inbound marketing, the customer attraction and that should be the main focus on inbound marketing. Then how do you get strangest into visitors? By collecting data, she told, and making buyer personas out of that data, and then marketing to that target group.

Next, she spoke about two types of advertising on the internet. There is different kind of adds depending do you want to make a sale or branding. SEO and the SERP advertising is used when you want to make a sale, but google advertising is most likely used when you want to grow your brand, and do branding. The link grades are not that good, but the customer can still google you later after seen the add if it is good enough to gain attention and hits its target group. She showed us how to use google AdWords to create campaigns. Google AdWords works simply way; when the user makes a search in the same field, google shows your add and you only pay for the clicks you get. I won’t go into details how AdWords works since it is complex to use and actually available only for business so you can’t try it just for funsies and there is a ton of different tutorial on the internet to show you how to use it step by step when you actually need to do it.

We also had a lecture from Vesa Robertson, who I actually know before hand. He told us how to gain followers on twitter and how to use Crowdfire to do that.

He had many good points in his speech like to tweet regularly and to retweet actively relevant and interesting content, using hashtags and just being active. He also made a point out to make lists of hashtags and people whose content is most relevant and focus on those. He also made points that I don’t agree on.

First of all; I want to implement, that if you cannot say that you have 15000 followers when that is in a matter of fact scattered in five different accounts. Then the individual accounts have their own follower numbers.

Second, following 1000 people a day and unfollowing those who don’t follow you back is horrible twitter strategy for business. This might work on small scales, but it is giving out everything else but the professional look of your twitter account and if you follow near 10 000 people or any number that is higher that the follower number you currently have, people assume that you are a scam.

And overall, if someone follows you just because you follow them, they don’t care what you post. The engagement, the most important thing in social media IMO over the follower count is not there. You can clearly see this on his company’s Twitter when they have almost 9000 (no pun intended) followers but in every tweet has minimum engagement. Less that 10 likes and retweets. People don’t engage because they don’t care! Vesa also said to tweet often and they time their tweets in night times when the USA is awake, which I think is pretty smart. But if your content is not quality, it creates no value to the follower and then you get ghost followers that do nothing.

The only way I see that tactic is efficient is when you are following similar pages’ followers and actually have a content that interests them. There are other ways to that you can gain twitter following, like commenting and engaging with other users, you know, like using twitter to its original purpose, and by retweeting, liking and using hashtags. Here is a link that I have once linked in this post.

Other good tips

On Wednesday we had a team day like usual in Microsoft Flux, which is a co-working space in Helsinki City center. WE finished our presentation and the report is also almost ready! I and my teammate Silver were supposed to give the presentation, but unfortunately, I had a migraine that morning. I have a migraine with aura, so I am lucky that I know before hand when I am getting an attack. It usually starts with a small fussy ball in my eye area and then evolves into a half circle. I was just done my makeup when I noticed it so I was a bit pissed about it. This weekend has been just stretching and relaxing and trying to get out of this migraine cycle. Which would probably be easier if I when to bed early…

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