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The law week

Last week has gone by very fast.
On Monday we had the first law lecture of this spring, the different legal systems all around the world. I don’t see any point to write about those since it has nothing to with the actual digital business course. Honestly I thought that we would learn more about legal things considering digital business and marketing in social media. As far as I see it there was only one task related to social media, for one group to do the presentation about advertising in blogs and finding about legal stuff you have to have in your web shop jurisdictions, cancelation forms and such. Useful, yes, but I think there could have been so much more, like about social media, which is one of the main points of this course.

There are no laws considering social media and our law system don’t know the word Social Media because as a subject it is still so new. In all actions discarding social media law wise we apply the overall rules about marketing and rules by Finnish law and each social media sites terms and conditions. Usually the terms and conditions are actually stricter than the Finnish law. But in Finnish law there is lots of different thing to consider online like consumer Protection Act, the law Unfair Business Practices, the personal data law, the electronic communications privacy law, copyright law, trademark law, the Employment Contracts law and criminal law. Most cases the the law about marketing against good taste is applied, for example something that if content online is racist, discriminatory or if it does approve content or act that is danger to the health.

Other big thing to consider is the adds, and they also need to be recognisable and and that is the biggest challenge in social media. Sponsoring content has been around more and more when platforms like Youtube rise. In Finnish law if you create content were you directly recommend the audience to buy the product or service you are talking about its an add. Also sponsored content must be visible and you can see this for example in Facebook or Instagram, when they put adds on your newsfeed, and Its might otherwise to mixed up with the content made by the people you follow.

Did you know by the way that like and share competitions are actually forbidden by Facebooks rules? Using personal timelines is not allowed and also you cannot make them like your page to participate. I haven’t seen like & share – competitions recently when more and more people actually know that is not actually allowed. But still I see it sometimes, for example from small companies and other places where there is not anyone professional to actually do the marketing.

About copyrights I have already written about, so link to that post here. But Just a short re-cap: everything that is in internet in made by somebody and if that someone has not given up their rights to the picture or other content, it is under their copyright. So the wrong way to credit pictures is anything that is not direct link. Source; internet, or google, is not legit and means that you did actually steal the picture. This is important because if we will grow up to be professionals in marketing, this is something we need to know, or we can get to trouble because of it. When you work for a company, you don’t represent only yourself online but also the company you work for. If you get caught for stealing pictures from online, how do you thing that will affect your working life?

 But also considering personal branding, the person is protected against possible employers as by the about law about privacy in working life. Anything that your possible employer finds about you online that you have not provided to them, cannot affect their decision to hire you or not.
Also Its good to thing what you put online, because it can always be put in other contexts and made to way it makes you look bad. Take for a example what happened to Youtuber by alias Pewdiepie. He posts videos everyday, and I wonder how many hours had to the journalist from Wall Street Journal had to watch his videos to find enough jokes and them smash them together to make it look bad. This is not even the worst part of the journalist actions; they when to straight to Disney and other partners that he had, before they event publish the story of asked him for a comment. Very not cool. But the moral story of this is that anything that you put on internet can be put in the different contexts, can be altered to look bad, and it happens even to the most influential ones. In my option WSJ made the story to get clicks and then money, because Pewdiepies name brings in lots of clicks.

But anyway I thing we have pretty good law system here in Finland, as we have the Civil law system, we can trust law back as up. And the what I learned on Monday that you have to be careful when you make contracts with companies from other countries, because then everything that you don’t include in the contract is not binding and they can screw you up. But the civil law system is still not perfect, I think there is many things that need to fixed like longer sentences for rapist and murderers.

 Other things considering, I had wonderful end for my week, when I went to judge Nuori Yrittäjyys – semifinals in shopping centre Kaari.

Nuori Yrittäjyys is a program for student were they can found a “practice” company and build up a business for a year. Totally byrocracy and tax free (up to 10 000€). I was part of this program in 2014 where me and my team mates actually won the semi-finals in Northen Savonia and gained a spot in the finals In Kajaani with 60 other NY-companies, so it was really interesting to see the fair as a alumni of the same program. It was also huge learning experience for me back then, and I was very excided when the opportunity opened up for me to actually judge the same competition that I was once part of.

Of course I was there behalf of LaureaES as a board member and bring in my knowledge about the startup culture to the judge table. it was wonderful to see so many inspired and talented young minds. There were so many good ideas and working business that got their place in the finals is in Kamppi 19th to 20th of April, I recommend you to visit. This year is also the Suomi 100 – year so this year there is even more companies than there has previously been.

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