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Restart - Reposted

Reposted from my personal portfolio 29th of January

As a part of my studies in Laurea UOAS, we are required to start a blog.

In this blog, I am going to speak about my experiences in Digital Business course, things I learn and whatever other stuff I might have to say.

I look forward to begin this course in English, since I find English much easier language to express yourself. I am not scared to speak in English, since in most of my jobs English have been the official language. My writing skills are not the same level though; I am very bad especially when it comes to all those tiny words. I never know what goes where.

When I heard that writing a blog is one part of this course, I got slightly excited but also bit scared. It feels so weird to be writing a blog again, since the last blogpost I wrote was couple years ago. I wrote a blog on and off for three years, but never seemed to have dedication for it. Towards the end my blog evolved to full photography blog, and I posted only pictures.

Our Digital Coach Sakari, hosted his first lecture ever and talked about importance of blogging. And I agree, blogging can be very powerful tool if used right. I think it is valuable way to learn when you have to go over everything and form your own opinion.

Someone pointed out in our lecture, that you actually remember things better when you write them down. Even that we live in digital world and this is a course about digital things, I do most of my notes by hand. I have tried to do notes with my phone or IPad, but never have I succeeded so that it would be useful enough. Doing notes by hand is just writing down my ideas and thoughts. I can find the lecture material online anyway so I can focus on the actual learning and processing the information rather than just copying.

By the way, as a graphic designer, my desk used to be filled with notes, doodles, sketches of work stuff, and all sort of information, that tended to eventually get lost. By mid November I came across with a brilliant solution called Bullet journal and if you are like me, – scrambling your notes in everything you can find, I highly recommend you to give it a try. You can find more detail and how it works from here
Alright, I think my writing flow ends here, so, bye, see you next week.


I want also apologize for the current visual state of the blog, as this is now part of my personal website/portfolio. Which is not ready yet, as you can see. ( I don’t know how to operate this thing yet)
Website is done by amazing Tiitus Hopia, 15 yo entrepreneur from my hometown. Check out his company here

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