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Important stuff about internships

I apologize for the language in this blogpost.

I have to say that I am still bit pissed.

On Thursday we had a guest “lecturer” from AFS. The purpose of this speak was only to recruit someone to work for them. At first I was interested in the position, since I am looking for summer job. But after I heard that there was no supervisor or marketing manager in the whole place and job was no-paid, I got very mad.

Let me explain.

So AFS realised that they needed somebody to do their marketing, since there was no-one and “hired” an un-paid student intern. And now they are looking for SECOND marketing intern in a ROW. Why did you not hire the poor girl who was working for you? Then man said that the intern they are looking for should be interdependent not only because there is no one to guide you but also because they expect you to teach everything to the next intern.


Are you f*cking kidding me?

So they don’t have any intentions to actually hire somebody to do the job they obviously need someone to do? This is what pisses me off the most. The conscious decision to miss use interns, their work effort and trying to sell it to students as a “great opportunity to learn”. It can be great opportunity to learn, I do not deny that.

But if someone who has no experience in marketing field should not ever work unsupervised and independently. That is not the purpose of Internship! It is not an internship is there is no one to guide you!
The internships are meant to be paid if the work you do is same effort as paid employees would be. If the intern is the only one and have responsibility on one whole part on running something (this case: marketing), it should never be un-paid.

If the internship is un-paid, it is getting to know work field and the subject, and cannot include hard, independent work tasks. And if it does, it means that your employer is using you and your work effort for they benefit.

On other hand, someone who has already experience and is able to work independently should never go for an un-paid job! And not even once if it already clear that they are not going to hire you after the internship.

”Korkeakouluharjoittelusta pitää saada vähintään työssäoloehdon täyttävää palkkaa ainakin silloin, kun opiskelija tekee jo kertyneellä osaamisella työnantajalle tuottavaa työtä.”Vuonna 2017 työssäoloehdon täyttävä palkka kokoaikatyöstä on 1 187 euroa. Jos teet työharjoittelun alalla, jolla noudatetaan työehtosopimusta, palkkasi määräytyy työehtosopimuksen mukaan."
Freely translated;
University student has to be paid salary at when the student makes the with the expertise they already have productive work for the employer.
In 2017 the recommend salary is 1 187 euros. If you do an internship in the field, which comply with the collective agreement, they pay depends on the collective agreement.

It is greats that students and unemployed people have change to get to know the work field, search for their calling and get a paid job after you perform great as an intern. The unpaid internship is legit only in few cases, for example in health care. In those cases, the terms are negotiated between the employer and the university. Then the stage of the internship is more like getting to know to work. (Suomeksi; työhön tutustumista)

Nowadays there is more and more internship available and companies even promote unpaid internships. The problem is that some (I don’t want to say most, but I am afraid that that is the truth) employers use the system on their benefit and year after year hire a new intern after another and they have NO intensions to hire a paid employer. Most of the interns are already over 18 years old and have work experience, who after short induction can do the work fully independent.

On a bigger scale problem is that when employer, -company or city, miss uses the internships, they save money on personnel expenses, and that disturbs the competition aka forces other employers to also miss use the free and cheap work force.

Unemployment is already a problem in Finland and employers like AFS, do not make the situation any better. It is quite opposite, when employer miss uses the system, it only adds work in the black markets and miss use of tax paid supports.

In unpaid internship, there is not an employment relationship. Therefore, the intern drops outside the labour legislation and the safety of possible collective agreement. Also there might not be any insurance for the intern, if the university has not taken care of the insurance the student. The problem is also; that unpaid internship does not give right to earnings-related daily allowance.

So, please, my fellow classmates, check twice when you go work as an intern.

Here is some links, if you want to read more about the subject.

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