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All what I have learnt

As I was absent from last week, I have no idea what was discussed during the week. Due to that this blog might come out as bit short. Since Facebook live videos were very bad in terms of audio and video quality, I decided that I will find out about the subjects by myself. As I was not present in school, here is all that I learnt this week.

I founded out that my bathroom is the greatest place in my apartment to eardrop to my neighbour’s fights.

Personal Branding. This seems to be very popular topic in this course, so I expect us to be professionals for end of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love learning about it.

So what is personal branding? It is marketing yourself, and promoting what you can do. Everything you do in your social media accounts is you branding yourself. Everything you do is representing your brand. Everything you post in social media shapes your brand. It is what you give out, what other think about you. Making a personal brand is easier than ever and everyone has a tool to make it in their pocket.

What kind of a brand do I have? I was not there Monday, when others had a practise where they told each other what they think they represent, so I have no clue, what my classmates think of me. Not like I care what other people think of me, I have sorted that problem years ago, but I am still curious to know. What of my aspects would people I see every week point out? What do they think I could develop myself at?

What is my online brand look like? I am very subtle what comes to the social media accounts, I don’t post every day. I use to be very active on Instagram, but now days I just don’t have enough time to post as often and still keep up the image quality. As I am very visual person, I tend to favor quality over quantity. I am also very minimalistic person, which you can see from example this blogs visual outcome. The website version, not mobile. That looks like crap always in blogspot.

Right now, I don’t have any need for branding myself very high, yet. I have already more work than day has hours. But I am developing my brand for future in social media and it will grow with me. When ever I switch jobs, or start a business, or write a blogpost I want to share, I already have the platform to share it. But currently I use social media for fun and connecting, not to promote myself in anyway or to grow my “audience”. But I have read about that and I am interested in the subject, and maybe my next summer project will be developing my social media and growing number of my followers. Just for fun, and to learn how its done. To execute my hypotesis about how it works.

There was couple tips that how to make your social media branding better that I want to include here; Be clear about the image you intend to project.What is that you want to give out? What do you have to offer to others? When you figure that out, stick with it. It might evolve but the basic subject stays the same, other wise it is confusing to the audience. I do not yet know what I have to offer. I am still learning, not a expert of a some subject.

To maximise the engaging, post regularly and in all platforms. There is social media account mashups and calendars which keep you organised if needed. Show your personal side, be approachable. Why would anybody want to follow someone who doesn’t seem real? It is different of course the strategies might vary if you have 30 followers or 300k followers, but the punchline is the same; listen to your audience, engage with them. Gary Vee’s yesterdays vlog just happens to fall in the same subject.

Here is the articles I read about personal branding in top of the slideshows presented last week. 

I learnt that my current pan is too heavy to actually flip the pancakes by throwing. Use to be very good at that. And no matter how hard I try they wont come out as round ones. And that I am out of strawberry jam. Bollocks.

I also learnt that NYX's HD finishing powder is not good for baking your, -or someone else's face in this case. That shit reflects like crazy! 0/5, would not recommend.

No one has ever died form giving a presentation.
So why so many people are afraid of it?
Breathe and relax. They are people just like you.

And try not to speak too fast. If I have a bad day, I will get very anxious if I have to speak publicly. But I also know that I can do it if I know what I am talking about. So two things to point out; Practise, know what you speak about, so even that if you freeze, it is easy to continue as you know to subject. And try to relax. If you are nervous, it transmits to your audience and make them feel that your presentation is not worth of their attention.

I think the next videos are pretty self-explanatory.

And last but not least, my pitch, one liner about me
I bring beauty to this world one design at the time.

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